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Ancient Synagogues in National Parks

has numerous ancient synagogues,
attesting to the presence of Jews in Israel since time immemorial.
These are certainly different,
interesting and picturesque places to become a Bnai Mitzvah.

Just think of the fabulous photos!

Be aware though, that these are the remains of synagogues and
not complete buildings.

Ancient synagogues are located in many
national parks around the country. Services can be held at any
of these synagogue ruins. We strongly
suggest that you contact a local rabbi to make proper provisions
for your Bnai Mitzvah service
there. The rabbi will be your local coordinator and contact the Parks
Authority for a permit, bring up a Sefer Torah and
prayer books, and lead the service.

Understand that
the park will be open to the general public when your celebration
takes place. Seating may be limited and the site may be
a hike from the parking lot. Extra seating can be arranged through
a contact person if necessary. However, as the weekday services are
under an hour in length, guests may not mind standing for its duration.

Read more about ancient synagogues in
The Jerusalem Post,
Israel’s leading daily English

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