Israel’s Berry Picking Season On family vacations my clever husband has always found a way to include berry picking on the itinerary. Sometimes we would eat our hard-earned berries at the

Zeelim Desert Spa

Desert Spa Photo by M. Kaplan-Green The spa at Kibbutz Ze’elim hamam. As in Kibbutz Revivim, the water source is 10,000 year old brackish water from underground springs.


Pitch A Tent Corn fields At the top of Israel, in a land of silver green olive trees, grape vines, and red spiky-tipped espaliered plum trees, spring has sprung.


Berry Picking Season For the third year in a row, we have driven for 2 hours each way to Moshav Sde Yaakov (near Haifa) to pick berries at the Zak Family


Nachshon Winery Relaxing in a vineyard with friends, drinking the local vintner’s wine while snacking on organically-grown raisins and almonds, as well as goat cheese and olive oil, sounds poetic,


Magen Petting Zoo Photo by M. Kaplan-Green A peaceful and possibly quiet break for families visiting agriculture projects and the Zeelim spa in the Western Negev is the Magen Petting


Timna Park – On the Exodus Route from Egypt? It is believed that the Israelites came very close to Timna in their desert wanderings. Depending on which Exodus route you follow,


Safari, Ramat Gan We had an adventure! We went on safari! The ostriches, rhinos, zebras, crowned cranes, marabou, waterbucks, Arabian oryx and their friends, greeted our car as they strode over


Tmol Shilshom Translator Barbara Harshav and author Meir Shalev read from Only Yesterday. What better combination of small luxuries than a fresh green salad with mushrooms and mustard


“Birds Know No Boundaries” Birdwatching, until recently a hobby only for fanatics and professionals, has become a national pastime. November 2002, will see the opening of Israel’s great birdwatching season, with