Eilon Mosaics Remains of mosaic floors in the Galilee attest to cultures rich in beauty and detail. In ancient times, homes of the wealthy and places of worship were adorned with

Ruth Beker

Photographer and Poet: Ruth Beker With a great eye for composition, Ruth Beker often sets out with her camera in search of beauty. She finds and “records

Magen David

“Jewish Symbolism” When thinking of Jewish symbols, one of the first to come to mind is the Magen David. However, the Magen David was not always a Jewish symbol. The Magen


To the Moon with Luvaton Silver The warmth of wood combined with the cool beauty of silver come alive when Yitzchak Luvaton creates traditional Judaica with a modern twist. A

Mosaic Eilon

Intricate Mosaics as Interior Design Elements Design your own mosaic carpet with Eilon Mosaics. Eilon Mosaics supplies elegant mosaic inserts, “rugs”, backsplashes, and other intricate interior design elements to overseas customers. Eilon Mosaics in the


Vitrage at Kibbutz Nachshon Vitrage artist Shedmi [Credit: M. Kaplan-Green] Strong sun on a clear bright day illuminates the Stained Glass Workshop at Kibbutz Nachshon with a vast


One Day At A Time A one-act play by Jodi Schenck and Pnina Isseroff Multi-talented playwright and actor, Pnina Isseroff, manages to convey the texture and feel of these intifada years for a “typical” Israeli. How


Tova Berlinski Talking to renowned artist Tova Berlinski in her apartment in Jerusalem’s tree-lined German Colony, is a gift, because the artist tells you first hand both through her artwork


Yael Portugheis Mosaic pictures are one of the oldest art forms. Found in ancient ruins, mosaic compositions often allow us a glimpse into an ancient world. Little pieces of stone that


Sonia Toor Jerusalem Landscape I In a traditional Israeli-style home surrounded by a garden, a world away from the hustle and bustle, yet actually in the center of Petach Tikva,