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  1. Dor Zweigenbom says:

    My name is Dor Zweigenbom, I’m an Israeli actor and director. My one man show, “Why I Killed My Mother” will be participating in the New York fringe festival this August. It has won First prize at the Theatre-Neto one man show festival in Israel(2014), has been to the Thespis Festival in Germany, and the Black box festival in Bulgaria.
    Is there any way of letting the your subscribers know about the show?
    I’m attaching a link to the show site, where you can see a clip of the show and reviews. And a link to my personal site. I have also attached a file of my C.V.
    I hope it will interest you
    Sincerely Dor Zweigenbom
    Show address:!english/cfvg
    Personal site:

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