Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Israel: Contents

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  • In the beginning
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah in General
    • Laws and Customs
    • Traditional Shabbat Bnai Mitzvah Protocol
    • Traditional Bnai Mitzvah Practices
    • Prayers Specific to Israel
    • Three-Year Cycle Torah Reading
    • Different Torah Reading in Israel
    • Tefillin
  • It May Seem Obvious, But Ask Anyway!
  • Rent-A-Rabbi
  • Extra Special Milestones — Special Needs
  • Hassle-Free Shabbat Ceremony
    • Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
    • Countryside
  • Supply Your Own Rabbi and Minyan
    • Jerusalem Locations
    • Countryside Guest Houses in the Judean Hills
    • Rustic Field Schools From North to South
  • Ancient Synagogues in Safed
  • Ancient Synagogues in National Parks
    • North
    • South
  • Museum Adventures and Receptions
  • Weekday 3-Part Packages
  • Torah Tie-In Adventures
    • Link your Torah portion to the
      Land of Israel!

  • Mitzvot to Prepare at Home and Do in Israel
  • Theme Events
  • Twinning Programs
  • Useful Tidbits
  • Our Shabbat Bar Mitzvah
  • Web Page Sites and E-mail Addresses
  • Glossary

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