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Shifra Horn

@The Source Israel heard Israeli author Shifra Horn speak about
her new book Fairest Among Women, during the recent Greater
Washington JCC Book Fair. Ms. Horn was introduced by Arnona Shir-On,
Director of Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Israel, which sponsored
the event. Although Horn now lives in New Zealand when it is
winter in Israel, so that she can have sun and warmth year round,
the magic of Jerusalem is a focus of her works. Horn describes
the city as magical. “Jerusalem is a city that you know although
you have never been there. In Jerusalem, imagination and reality
mingle closely — it’s like living in a surreal bubble.
The Holy Spirit lives in Jerusalem and no one can be indifferent
— you either love it passionately or hate it equally.”

Horn’s parents were communists when she was growing up in Jerusalem
during the 1950s which made life difficult during that period.
Luckily, she also had three grandmothers who told her stories about
their lives and these stories are still a source of inspiration
to her. Fairest Among Women is a surreal story about three
mythical women anchored in a real time and place (Jerusalem during
the late 1940s and 1950s). Horn said that readers come up to
her and ask her about the women in the book — forgetting or not
realizing that the book is a work of fiction. Actually, Horn
admitted that even she forgets this from time to time and rereads
her own books to savor and visit with the imaginary characters.
delightful and engaging speaker, Shifra Horn’s works are a “must-read”
for anyone interested in current Israeli fiction.

Text by D. Rosenbloom.

The Fairest Among Women

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